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For A Six Week Butt Toning, Stomach Flattening And Thigh Smoothing Transformation

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The Sexy In Six Program Includes:

  • 2 x 45 Minute Personal Training Sessions Per Week With The Freedom Of 20 Sessions Per Week To Choose From!
  • Access To Our High Intensity Boxing Class
  • Flat Tummy Abs Class Every Single Week
  • Tailored "Sexy" Meal Plan Professional Designed By A Nutritionist
  • Fort Nightly Body Fat Testing To Keep You On Track To Getting Sexy Within Six Weeks
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Why Sexy In Six
Will Work For You

Our goal is to provide first rate, professional and enjoyable exercise experiences which cater for your physical fitness needs.

  • Results Guaranteed: We've transformed the life of 1000’s and guarantee results.
  • Community Of Like Minded Women: Join a fitness community and achieve your dream results.
  • Bespoke Plans: We offer a completely bespoke solution to your fitness needs

Don't Make Waiting A Habit.

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"We do not believe in the quick-fix, but rather, in making real and life-long
changes that can be sustained and enduring."

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The Proven Secret In 6 Weeks

Our Training method has been proven as the MOST effective method to get results.
This method has been developed to train small groups at any one time.

This is a beneficial option as this provides a very fun and motivating environment pushing you to strive for your best while having the support of a group who are all striving for a common goal.

We have spent 10 years, testing and researching the best methods and nutritional strategies to ensure you get the results you are after.

52b The Parade, Norwood, 5067

6 Weeks From Now, You May Had
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More Than Just Workouts

The Sexy In Six provides a positive, safe and educational environment for clients to catapult lifestyle changes to help members live happier, healthier, and fuller lives.

  • Training
  • Whole food nutrition advice
  • Educational videos
  • Seminars
  • Support groups
  • Social environment.
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